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A brief history of our


The Moravian Cultural Society (MCS)

is a non-profit organization dedicated

to the promotion and preservation of

Czech and Moravian folklore. Moravia

is a culturally distinct region of the

Czech Republic.

Founded in 1965, the organization is

based in Chicago's western suburbs.

Its Folk Dancers, wearing their

traditional folk costumes, represent the

society by performing a wide variety

of dances to the music of the Czech

and Moravian people.

It participates in many annual and

special events and various festivals

in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and

Wisconsin and throughout the

Midwest, as well as other parts of the

United States.  

Our multi-generational membership

has represented the Czech Americans

during several Presidential visits to the

Chicago area as well as welcoming

dignitaries from the Czech Republic to

the United States.

Our Folk Dancers… 

MCS achieved many highlights in its

history. Its dancers have performed

throughout the Midwest and around

the United States.

Comprised of mostly first and second

generation Czech Americans, the

MCS adult dance group continues to

perform at various cultural events in

the Chicagoland area and throughout

the Midwest.  Our well-recognized

group has performed for audiences at

Walt Disney World and also in New

York City and Washington DC.

The dancers have had the opportunity

to perform for several U.S. presidents

and former Czech Presidents Havel

and Klaus.

Closer to home, they participate

annually in such events as Christmas

Around the World at the Museum of

Science and Industry and the Winter

Wonder Fest at Navy Pier.  

Our society also encourages the

younger generation’s participation

through its children’s’ dance group.

They continue to look for new

opportunities to share our heritage!

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